DigitalOcean-serst is a simple monitoring app for my Digital Ocean droplets that I use to check if my droplets are still running and behaving correctly. I came up with this idea when I realized my droplet was down because of an issue in the data center and I didn’t knew it because I didn’t saw the email telling me that my droplet was down.

Main Screen

How it works

DigitalOcean-serst makes an API call to Digital Ocean with the API key linked to the currently selected account. The API call returns all the information about the droplets that belong to that account. This information is later displayed in the app. The droplets also should have Prometheus installed to get more monitoring info.

Improvements for later

At this moment DigitalOcean-serst doesn’t contain much functionality, I originally created it for checking if my droplets were down and see some basic info but I’m planning to add the following monitoring metrics besides the CPU fraction metrics to the app as well.

  • Memory Usage
  • Disk Usage

Additional info

Developed in: 2020
Technologies used: Swift, iOS, Xcode, Storyboard,
Team size: 1 Programmer (me)