Pay or Fade

I’ve created Pay or Fade ( to learn more about Vue.js in a fun way. Pay or Fade is a free service that will fade your website away as long as you want to. For example, if you have a client that isn’t paying for his website you can make it slowly fade away.

The home page of Pay or Fade.

How it works

For Pay or Fade to be able to fade a website, the developer needs to add the site he wants to be able to fade to Pay or Fade. Once the developer has done that, the developer will have to add the parts of HTML that Pay or Fade suggests.

One part of the given HTML is a script tag that uses a script that’s served over JSDeliver from the Pay or Fade Github repo. This script will make an API call to the Pay or Fade server to see if the site needs to be faded and how much fading it needs to do for the website.

Additional info

Developed in: 2020
Technologies used: Vue, C#, .NET CORE, ASP NET CORE, MySQL, Docker
Team size: 1 Programmer (me)